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níbí spa

The Ultimate Wellness Experience

Improve Your Mind, Body, and Spirit



Take a Deep Breath and Relax

Nibi Spa blends pure luxury with relaxation for our guests’ enjoyment. We are a day spa located upstream by the stunning exotic Teuk Chhou River in Kampot. We offer a variety of treatments to nurture your body and soul. We also offer the ultimate thermal experience; for centuries, Asians devoted themselves to the pleasure of water, true source of relief, wellbeing and longevity. The taste buds are also in for a treat; sit at our Bistro and enjoy our chef healthy, gourmet cuisine, have a cleansing smoothie or one of our signature cocktail. Immerse yourself completely in the beauty and serenity of our surroundings, relax and enjoy yourself at Nibi Spa.

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Traditional or classic massages, couples massages, personalized treatments, all to be offered without moderation. In order to give opportunities, Nibi Spa only hires therapists from the local villages, they have been professionally trained by multiple certified teachers from around the world, and now have over 2 years experience. They are constantly honing their skills and expertise to offer an exceptional experience in cares and massage therapy. We are using an array of high performing, natural ingredients for a healthy body and glowing skin.


An Age-Old Tradition

Thermotherapy, as an effective way of releasing tensions in both the mind and the body, is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years.

The cycle of hot-cold-relax is proven to both energize and rest the body, improving blood circulation and activating the lymphatic system to help detoxification. It also actively promotes the release of endorphins, also known as the “well-being hormones”. Revived. Body & Mind.


Kim Bannon, Canada

I visited Nibi Spa while travelling South-East Asia and this is by far the best massage I ever, ever received. I  Strongly recommend if you feel like treating yourself.

J-S Saia, Italy 

The saunas and cold pool were amazing. After I spent my afternoon doing the cycles, my body was so relaxed and it was much easier to cope with the Cambodian weather afterward. 

Olivia Davis, UK

I never thought I would find this type of service in a Cambodian sleepy town like Kampot, I felt like a queen! The surroundings are fabulous and the river is gorgeous.