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This is a truly wonderful experience which consists of a hot, cold and relaxation cycle.
First the hot;  the panoramic Finnish wood heated sauna and the eucalyptus steam room are used to raise your body temperature. It dilates the blood vessels, reduces the blood pressure and increases blood flow to the skin and muscles.
​Then the cold; immerse yourself in the 15⁰C cold plunge or our magnificent refreshing river (or use both). This step causes the skin’s pores to close and promotes a shift in blood pressure, encouraging the body to flush toxins and the muscles to release tensions.
​Finally, the relaxation; allow your mind and body 10 to 15 minutes of pure relaxation. Lay back in one of our hammocks or lounge on the beach or water dock. During this final step, the cardiovascular system regulates itself.
​Repeat the cycle three times or more.  
Full day 20$ or 15$ if combined with any massage

Self Body Scrub 

Nibi scrub (salt/kaffir lime)  $5
Kambio Nature scrub (Aloe Vera/Jasmine)   $7.50​

The Thermal Experience

For steam sauna, in addition to the Thermal Experience

Nibi Classic               

A Swedish massage technique which relaxes the entire body by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of the blood returning to the heart. The Swedish massage therapy goes beyond relaxation; it  increases blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation , decreases stress and muscle tension, and improves range of motion.


60 min  26$/   90 min  37$

 4 Hand Massage

Double the enjoyment of your massage with the use of  4 hands. The two therapists breathe and move in a similar rhythm to create a truly royal experience. Tension dissolution, pain reduction and relief are only a few of the benefits you will experience.


60 min 42$/    90 min  60$

Couple Massage

Escape and unwind side-by-side with our couple's signature massage for two, with relaxing music and candles. A memorable occasion for connecting and bonding with your special one in a unique and meaningful way.

60 min. 59$ (for two)/90 min. 80$ (for two)

Prenatal Massage

A fragrant free oil massage performed while laying on the side of the body supported by pillows. Helps to reduce stress, relieve muscle aches and regulate hormone levels.


60 min. 28$ / 90 min. 40$ 

Khmer/Thai Fusion Massage           

Performed without oil this massage consists of slow, rhythmic compressions and stretches along the body energy lines. It opens the body while working your flexibility. The proper attire will be provided.
60 min  25$/   90 min  32$

The Extremities

The Extremity massage focuses on the extremities of the body; feet, hands, head, and neck. This is a very gentle massage carried out by small and soft movements that trigger the joints, releasing strained muscles and helping blood flow stimulation.


60 min 24$

Tropical Facial
This blissful facial treatment will leave you glowing and rejuvenated.
We exclusively use products from Kambio Nature. This laboratory crafts all organic, high quality products made from the generous Khmer nature. A quick consultaion will help us determine the best products for your particular skin type.
The facial starts with a deep cleansing, followed by a gentle scrub and extractions (if desired). We then proceed with face lifting massage, tonic, mask, moisturizer and lip balm. To make this a truly relaxing experience, we include a foot bath and a head, neck and  foot massage.


60 minute of luxury 27$

***Reservations are recommended for any treatments
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