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Ride your motobike, tuktuk, bicycle or car through the bumpy, dusty, muddy 'Red Road'. Keep going north on the Riverside Road (Kampot town side), 1 km passed Sabay Beach guesthouse, you will find the 'Spien Chen' which means Chinese Bridge (metal bridge), turn left on that bridge and follow our street signs over Google Map. 

The adventurous way

By the ferry

Get to the Kampot Komchai Ferry by The Tuek Chou Road, by motobike or tuktuk. If you are riding a motobike, you can put your motobike on the ferry for 2000r. If you are riding a tuktuk, ask the driver to drop you off at the ferry, the ferry goes back and forth all day, just jump on it on one side and off on the other side. Follow the signs, we are about 100 meters away from the ferry. Here's the pin point to the Kampot Komchai ferry.


By the river

Double the enjoyment and get a private boat tour from town or a guesthouse by the river. The 30 minute ride will bring you to the spa by the magnificient Tuek Chou River. On your way you will see; mangroves, fishing villages, exotic Nipa palms, beautiful views of Bokor mountains and much more.  Reservation needed, price varies depending on your location.

By Car

You can come directly to the spa by road. From the Highway #3 (Phnom Penh Road) turn onto the White Mountain Road (Plo Phnom Sar). The road is paved and quite nice almost all the way to the metal Chinese bridge (Spien Chen). Cross over the metal bridge and at that point please follow our signs over Google Map, the Google Map route would bring you on a little dirt path...FOLLOW OUR STREET SIGNS, not Google Map.

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